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E.D.I.T.H. A smart system to enhance engineering and production workflow in industry 4.0
Enhanced Design Interface Totally Hyperconnected

An innovative platform has been created to rationalize the corporate workflow through drawings, especially for the engineering and production phases, to guarantee the interconnection of the management systems, creating an IOT network of active and intelligent devices with which data is then it is possible to create a Decision Support System and Data Mining that knows how to extract information from both sensors and devices.


The impact in terms of benefits of a strategy based on the Digital Thread is manifold. By introducing a communication framework throughout the manufacturing process, operations are primarily improved. Indeed, thanks to the Digital Thread, all the players involved in the development of a product will be able to cooperate and make decisions on the basis of the same set of information.

Having the data relating to the product available during its entire life cycle makes it possible to drastically speed up the design phase, passing from parametric to automatic design. This allows to reduce the workload of the technical office by removing a classic bottleneck present especially in companies organized on discrete production.

The potential benefits are also achievable in the production process. Making production-related data and tools available to a team of designers and engineers to simulate the behavior of a product using real (and not just theoretical) data allows them to "design" the product with production and optimize it accordingly ensuring:


• shorter production cycles

• reduced machine downtime

• waste reduction


All direct benefits also contribute indirectly to the company's strategic KPIs relating to increased productivity, improved margins, faster time-to-market.

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