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who we are

Extra Lever is an Italian multidisciplinary Construction Project Management and Integrated Engineering and Architectural Consultancy Firm, thanks to the signi ficant experience of its partners and collaborators.

Originally established both in Torino under different realities, as local civil engineering and architectural firms, through the past years the company has grown signi ficantly developing a number of projects in the domestic market predominantly in the buildings sector, establishing a recognized standard of quality and reliability among Clients, Partners and Competitors. International operations started in 2017, with main focus on the Middle East Region, where a first project was developed in Dubai. Progressive expansion followed with various projects across The City of New York and Bahamas. In 2018 the company was born and rebranded into “Extra Lever S.r.l.” and underwent a substantial reorganization with main purpose on Programme and Construction Project Management, in view of a signi ficant boost to the international development.

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